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3 Essential Picture Frame Components

Interested in custom picture framing but have no idea where to start? Here are three essential picture frame components to understand.

The Frame

Custom picture framing Artware says that the frame is the most important design feature because it helps create an overall effect for the image. For instance, a wood frame can make an image look older, traditional and warm, while a metal frame can make an image look more modern, chic and minimalistic.

The Mat

Mats has two purposes: to prevent the image from sticking to the frame and to create an attractive border around the image. Mats come in different colors, grades and layers. When you go with custom picture frames, you choose the exact look and material of the mat to perfectly complement your image.

The Glaze

The glaze is the glass that protects all the contents within the frame. Glass is usually standard in appearance, but you can also select from anti-glare glass for better viewing. To provide extra protection for your image and the mat, consider ultra violet protection glass, especially if your piece is exposed to sunlight for most the day.

To learn more about custom frames, call your professional custom picture framing store. They can help you find the best quality materials that match your personal style and budget.

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