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Bathroom Upgrades You Can Do In A Weekend

Bathroom Remodel
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Is your bathroom ready for an upgrade? Are you motivated to make your bathroom feel and look better with new a design and upgraded features? If your answer is yes, then read on for some simple bathroom upgrades that can be done in a weekend.

Make the walls in the bathroom more appealing

Integrity Restoration says that if your walls are looking boring and dull in your bathroom, then it is time for a change. On average people spend at least 15 minutes in their bathroom every day. While there it should be a place that is beautiful and inspiring to the eye. You want to feel good when you enter and one thing that can help is interesting wall elements. One idea would be to change the color of the walls to a more appealing color. Wallpaper is another great way to liven up the bathroom or bead board which is very easy to install.

Add some artwork to your walls

Why not turn your bathroom into a gallery? This can easily be achieved by adding a few gallery styled pictures to the walls. This will change the feeling of your bathroom making it more stylish and giving it a warmer feeling.

Change the style of your mirror

If your bathroom has one of those plain looking vanity mirrors, which is typical of most bathrooms, there are changes you can make instead of having to look into that frameless mirror. Simple changes like subway tile, molding or framing your mirror are easy changes that can improve the look of your bathroom.

Change out that old shower curtain

Installing a new shower curtain that has an interesting design can give your bathroom a new look and feel. They are many different styles to choose from and they are easy to keep clean.

These bathroom upgrades are easy to do and will improve the look of your current bathroom.  Best of all these changes can be done over the weekend.

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