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Orange Oil: An Alternate Treatment for Termite Infestations

An orange oil treatment for termites involves spot treating termite infested areas with orange extract. Orange extract contains the active ingredient d−limonene, a chemical extracted from orange rinds that is also found in many household products.

Due to orange oil’s low toxicity and ease of application it has became an increasingly popular method to combat termite infestations with.

Orange oil treatment is only effective against drywall termites and will have no effect on subterranean termites.

An orange oil treatment for termites consists of drilling holes into the wood members the termites infest. For the treatment to be successful the technician must apply the oil to where the termites are known to live, as it will only kill them through direct contact.

Average Cost

A homeowner who chooses to use orange oil to treat their termite infestation can expect to pay roughly $1200 to $1500, depending on the size of the treated area.

Application Time

Orange oil treatments can generally be applied in 1 day.

Treatment Time

Termites must come in contact with the orange oil within several days after application for it to kill them.

Hassle Factor

Similar to heat treatments, an orange oil treatment for termites doesn’t require a long move out nor does it require removal of food, clothes, or plants from the structure (Source: Green Heat SD).


  • No long move-outs required.
  • Can be spot treated.
  • No chemicals are used.


  • Studies from major universities (see references below) have contested its efficiency, some citing that it has a poor kill rate and the residual orange oil has no effect on any surviving termites.
  • There is disagreement on how environmentally friendly the treatment claims to be.
  • The state of California does not recognize orange oil treatments as a primary drywood termite solution.

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