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Reasons to Install Custom Mirrors in a Bathroom

Mirrors can make or break a bathroom design, so homeowners considering a bathroom remodel should not cut corners when purchasing mirrors. The right design can make the room feel more spacious, reflect light to produce more impressive aesthetic effects, and perfectly complement the room’s decor. Unfortunately, finding the right prefabricated mirror to serve both functional and aesthetic purposes can be a challenge, which is why so many homeowners are choosing to install custom mirrors in their bathrooms.

Oversized Mirrors

Many bathrooms feature double vanities and other oversized furnishings. When this is the case, ordinary mirrors often simply don’t cut it. A custom-cut oversized mirror can be cut to perfectly match the size of the vanity, producing a well-integrated visual appeal.

Mirror Walls

Bathrooms that feature modern fixtures and furnishings can sometimes benefit from the installation of a floor to ceiling mirror. Placing a mirror wall behind the vanity gives residents the chance to check their appearance before heading out for the day in a way that just one smaller mirror would not. Of course, mirrors that large must be custom-cut, but the impact that they can have on overall design is well-worth the extra cost.

Decorative Statement Mirrors

One of the many benefits of purchasing custom bathroom mirrors is that they can be cut into any size and shape. Circular, triangular, or oval-shaped mirrors create much more visual interest than a simple rectangular or square mirror. They can even be divided into panels or make use of oversized frames for added impact.

Classic or Modern

Many modern mirror designs are frameless, offering a sleek contemporary look that complements modern and even avant-guard designs perfectly. Homeowners with more traditionally designed bathrooms really need to include framed mirrors in order to ensure consistent style, though. If they need large or strangely shaped mirrors that are still designed to fit the style of the room, they can always purchase a custom mirror with a frame.

Ensuring Safety

Frameless mirrors should always be rounded around the edges to prevent injury. Large mirrors require safety backing to avoid glass fragmentation in the event that they break. All mirrors should be hung only from secure heavy-duty mirror hangers.

Of course, the best way to ensure both safety and the perfect design is to consult with a company that specializes in mirror fabrication. Learn more online today.

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