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Why You Should Never Enter a Fire Damaged Home Before the Home Restoration Crew

A fire damaged home

Simply stated, you shouldn’t enter your home after a fire and before a home restoration crew because it’s not safe. It’s definitely tempting to go take a peek at the damage or to see if you can salvage anything, but it’s best to wait until the fire restoration crews deem the building safe. The following are some specific reasons to stay out.

Broken Materials

After a fire, your home will contain various broken materials. Glass, wood, plastic, metal and other things such as wires and nails will be everywhere you turn. This offers the perfect opportunity to get cut, burned or injured in another way.

Wet, Slippery Conditions

According to Integrity Restoration, because of the water used to put the fire out, your home will be wet and slippery before water restoration. Not only that, but if the power company has not turned the power off yet, live wires and water will create an electrifying environment.

Airborne Irritants

Especially for those with cardiovascular or lung problems, airborne irritants that are present after a fire could be extremely dangerous. Smoke, soot, mold spores and varying molds will be in the air and could threaten the health of anyone exposed.

If your home was the unfortunate victim of a fire, let home restoration crews be the first people to go back in. It’s hard to see everything you own go up in flames, but it’s important to remember safety first when you’re trying to recover.

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